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10 May 2013

college degree

Distance Learning MBA Programs And Other College Degrees In The Internet

It is about living the dream and a bright future. Education is our key to success and advancing into every aspect of life so a high school diploma is what each of us should at least carry. However, you have limited opportunities with a high school diploma and if you want more than what the average person wants, then a college degree seals your ticket to a better future.

A college degree is equal to higher pay. In the U.S. alone, the average weekly earnings of high school grads is around $700 while college degree holders earn as much as $1100 weekly. There is higher likelihood that you will get hired. Holding a college degree gives you the license to try out different career without jeopardizing your job opportunities. After earning your degree, a wider set of job opportunities open up to you.

Those with college degrees also have less likelihood of living in poverty. Higher learning does not just equip us with professional skills but social skills as well. You have an opportunity to learn more on the humanities, politics and economics.But not all of us are fortunate enough to immediately pursue a college degree right after high school. Most of us need to get regular jobs right after high school. Once we get a job and start a career, it’s usually the end of our college career.

Because of the internet, education went up another notch with distance learning allowing more people to earn a college degree. Being enrolled in a distance learning degree program, you do not need to attend regular classroom based courses. Everything is online and at your own time. It is flexible enough to fit your schedule and time allowance. So even if you work in the office for 8 to 10 hours a day, you can still take some rest after a day’s work and start off with your distance learning courses.

Distance learning uses virtual modules and online videos to provide learning instructions. As a student, you will have your own logins. Every aspect of distance learning degree programs is virtual. Most distance learning sites will assign a facilitator for each class and if you have concerns and queries, you can contact your facilitator online.

No need to commute to class when taking a distance learning degree course. No board and lodging needed, and no travel costs. Courses are there for you to take at your own pace and they will not conflict with your work schedule. Your location anywhere in the world will not limit your option to learn since everything is done virtually. All learning materials are available virtually.Let’s say you are in the army and may get deployed every now and then, army distance learning institutions allow you secure not just a college degree but post graduate courses as well to progress in your military career. If you are a business major and want to get a master’s degree, distance learning MBA courses are also available online. Aside from army distance learning and distance learning MBA courses, there are many college degree programs that you can take.

But if you are that type of person who learns better on a traditional classroom with an instructor in front, then distance learning degree courses may not work well for you. There are not professors, classmates and real classroom events that may make distance learning less appealing. This type of education may seem boring and would require you to focus since you don’t have the restrictions of a classroom setting and deadlines of regular semesters.

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Is a college degree worth the cost? You decide.

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