Free Online Educational Games For Kindergarten

26 November 2011

Teaching: Online Games Vs Conventional Methods

Everyone works toward giving their child the opportunities they’ll need to make sure that they grow up the best that they can be. Whether it’s the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, or the kindest your child will learn the basics of these qualities as early on as infancy. We all work hard to assure our children the essentials needed for their development. Now that we have the internet and its preschool learning games, it’s easier than ever to shape our kids minds so that they grow into the people they need to be.

Toss out your flash cards, Barney DVD’s, and ABC building blocks. Online gaming is the newest method of teaching out there. Online games make learning so new and exciting that your child is often unaware that they learned anything at all.

LeapFrog and Fisher-price have made their products so fun and easy that you can start your child on them from as early an age as three. The start of school has never been simpler and there will never be any concern that your child won’t be able to keep up. They may even be ahead.

The games teach everything from reading, mathematics, critical thinking, colors, the alphabet, etc. It seems like whatever the age, and whatever the need, there is a game for it. You should be more than willing to take advantage of that. Does your child need to learn Spanish? They have games for that. Or maybe you’ve decided that your six year-old is going to be the next Mozart? No worries, they have games for that too.

Since most preschool online games allow for partners you’ll still be able to keep a solid hand in their education. If you’re schedules too hectic to allow for that then it’s fine. Online learning tools teach your child at his or her own pace. Unlike other methods there’s never the threat of boredom because there’s always a new level, or newer game out there to hold their interest.

Armed with library card and a bit of time you and your child can take advantage of the selection offered by your local library. A good choice if you’re not yet sure whether to use the process or not.

When your child is struggling in class, buy educational toys for preschoolres suited to their individual needs rather than spending all your money on tutors. If it turns out that gaming isn’t the right choice then it’s a simple matter to return it and get your money back. At least you can rest easy now that you’ve tried the best possible option. – online interactive early childhood education for preschool and kindergarten kids

Beginning Reading, Grade K: Gold Star Edition (Home Workbooks)

Beginning Reading, Grade K: Gold Star Edition (Home Workbooks)


Build essential skills while having fun with Home Workbooks! Now updated with fun, colorful pages and engaging art, each book measures 7″ x 9.25″ and is filled with 64 pages of age-appropriate activities, puzzles, and games. These teacher-approved books are perfect for home, school, summer breaks, and road trips! Skills covered include sequencing, phonics, sight word recognition, vocabulary, and m…

The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 4-5

The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 4-5


While being engaged in fun activities, your children will be practicing important age-appropriate skills such as visual discrimination, sequencing, small muscle coordination, following directions, and critical and creative thinking. The activities in The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 4 and 5 are organized around 16 age-appropriate themes, including: teddy bear my wagon creepy caterpillar snowman many…

My Book of Alphabet Games

My Book of Alphabet Games


In this third book in our alphabet series, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters and reinforce their sense of alphabetical order. All of this is done with fun and stimulating activities, such as tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter. Ages 4-6…

Non Toxic 44 Piece Set of Foam Bath Letters and Numbers With Shapes Included - Educational Toys And Bath Toys With Bath Toy Organizer Included For Tidy Storage

Non Toxic 44 Piece Set of Foam Bath Letters and Numbers With Shapes Included – Educational Toys And Bath Toys With Bath Toy Organizer Included For Tidy Storage


WHY IS INCLUDING BATH SHAPES SO IMPORTANT? Our premium bath set of letters and numbers comes with Bonus Geometric Shapes because learning shapes is a very important introduction to toddler level math, and also a precursor to learning to read. In addition, our brightly colored bath toys help toddlers to recognize and sort bath letters into colors. Give your child the head start they need for pre-s…

Djeco Animal Stickers (160 pc)

Djeco Animal Stickers (160 pc)


Add colorful fun to your child’s sticker collection with these beautiful stickers from Djeco. With artwork that is always unique, colorful, thoughtful and age appropriate you can be confident that BOTH you and your children will enjoy the creative play value of every Djeco sticker pack. Because play is essential to a child’s development, Djeco creates toy collections that are always entertaining, …


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