Online Education Degrees In Georgia

22 October 2011

online education degrees in georgia

Achieving Your Degree Online Is Easier With Georgia-Based Financial Aid

Like a few others in this country, the state of Georgia is tying the revenues it generates from its state lottery to its financial aid program. Unlike many of those other states, Georgia’s generosity on the grant level alone has gotten it national recognition. The non-merit based grants it offers includes these.

The primary grant is entitled Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally (or HOPE). Basically, it is given out to local students for graduating high school and enrolling—and being accepted by—a local college, university or other institute of higher learning. It can go as high as complete tuition with an extra $300 for text books, too. Reading about online degree grant will prepare you and ease the transition into college.

There is also a variant on the HOPE called the GED. This is a straight up $500 voucher that can be used towards a school of choice. The big difference is the student did not graduate with a high school diploma, but got a GED instead. It can also be used to pay for any kind of school, whether it’s academic or technical; on campus or online college; even full time or part time.

Interestingly, the state also recognizes that there are other expenses outside of tuition and text books (which also can go way over $300). Advanced education can charge thousands of dollars for additional fees and just plain living expenses. Therefore, the state also has the Leveraging Educational Assistant Partnership (LEAP). To get this additional cash, a student must prove his or her need by filing a FASFA and applying for a Pell Grant, minimum. Still, if accepted, it will award up to an additional $2,000 per year.

The state also recognizes that there are times when it’s better for a student to not attend one of its state universities. For them, they created the Tuition Equalization Grant (GTEG). The GTEG varies every year, depending on an annual budget decided up upon by the state legislature. It will grant anywhere up to $900 to $1,600 a year, depending on the state budget. If accepted, the recipient not only can go to a state private university, but also to schools located as far as 50 miles outside the state borders. But before jumping into just any program, students should research all of their options, i.e., undergraduate scholarships, to make sure they are choosing the programs that best fit their needs.

If you are a dependent of a state employee such as a policeman, fireman, prison official or other kind of safety officer who was killed or severely injured in the line of duty, the state provides its Public Safety Memorial Grant. It, like the HOPE, can cover the entire tuition and is also renewable.

That said, if recognized by the Memorial Grant, the recipient will have their tuition paid for on a renewable basis. The Dependents program will provide an additional $2,000 annually. The state also has a loan forgiveness program for any who want to pursue a career in many of these state professions.

In fact, Georgia has a number of other loan forgiveness plans for other critically needed occupations. Entitled the Direct Student Loan Program, it is intended for more teachers, health care professionals and similarly critically needed jobs. Handled through the Department of Education, one should contact the agency to find out the full list of positions that are currently being considered. Checking resources with apply for a Pell Grant online details will get you acquainted with what you need to know about college.

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