Online Educational Specialist Degree Programs

11 September 2011

online educational specialist degree programs
Undergraduate in Psychology.. not sure where to go next.. wondering others opinions..?

I have my undergrad in Psychology.. and I am not sure where to go next. I know that I want to continue my education… and I wanted to work with children, in a school setting, but not teaching. I was going to go for school psychology or educational psychology.. but am having a hard time finding masters in school psyc.. only specialist programs. Also, I have done research online but can’t find sturdy answers as to the job outlook for either one of those things. Also, I have read that getting your degree in one state (i live in florida) does not carry over to allowing you to work at a school in another? School counseling is another major I have noticed. If anyone has information or experience with any of these things it would be much appreciated!

My old therapist did graduate work in Counseling. If you want to be a therapist in high school, that could be a viable route. My guess is that whatever you do for your master’s doesn’t have to be directly related to school psych. Or if you want to be a school nurse, go to nursing school.

2011 Walden University Summer Graduation Education Specialist Degree


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