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15 January 2012

online medical education

Best 3 Reasons Why Medical Assistant Job Is Lucrative

Confucious once said, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” In these trying times, this famous line may not be so viable. Why? If you have four children to provide for and you are a single dad working as a photographer in a small studio, you will be thinking twice if a couple of dollars of profit a day is enough to provide food and other necessities. Or if you are the only employed person and you have to toil your way so that your two sisters can finish school. Certainly, you will be attracted to find a job that offers competitive salary and fringe benefits as most of the jobs available these days are not enough to support a household of five. In other words, people are becoming more prudent in selecting jobs and occupation to survive this cut-throat economy.

Health care jobs are estimated to increase by 30.3% from this year up to the year 2014. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 14.3 million people are employed in 2008 alone in the health care field. The need for health care jobs is continuously rising because of the improving medical technology and the growing human population. With that said, many are attracted to study medical allied courses to prepare them from their future careers. Based on studies, the medical assistant profession is one of the fastest growing health care careers today.

Currently, the medical assistants salary ranges from $24,777 to $34,903 every year. This information is taken from They gathered the figures from different employers and HR departments all over the US. But why is this profession so profitable?

The Demand Is High

Without doubt, the health care job is a sure stay. It is clear that health is important to people. Since health care professionals are servicing to the improvement of health, the effect of global economic crisis is not that extensive as compared to the other line of businesses like automobiles and jewelries. With the high demand for competent health care professionals like the medical assistants, hospitals and clinics are providing competitive pay to their staff.

Medical Assistants Play A Major Role In The Health Care Delivery System

The roles of medical assistants in hospitals and outpatient department are very important. They work closely with the doctors, nurses, other medical employees and patients as well. Not only can they control administrative responsibilities, they can also carryout routine medical tasks like handling of medical records of patients, collecting and preparing patients for routine checkups and managing of medicines and specimens. Indeed, they are one of the key contributors in the health care delivery system.

Clinics Offer High Pay For Medical Assistants

If you want to earn well in this job, you can apply in specialized clinics. The pay is rather high because the medical assistant is specializing in one specific medical area that needs competitive skills and knowledge. Then again, when applying you should analyze your marketability. See that you are certified. Although, there is no law that is requiring medical assistants to be certified, it will be a great benefit during the hiring process to show that you are a certified medical assistant. Keep in mind that certification means higher paycheck as well.

In general, the health care job is profitable. They are the top paying jobs at present. Medical assistants are part of the health care industry. Medical assistants today are not just the ordinary office secretaries; they also play various roles in hospitals and clinics. They deserve appropriate remuneration because they are generally handling administrative and clinical tasks.

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